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By hopgop1
Aug 18, 2014
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  1. The past couple of days I have been getting an error when booting into windows saying PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, the computer goes through POST fine and when I last booted into my computer and I got this error yesterday I went into the F8 menu and repair windows, I tried testing my memory, no errors, and was able to get the computer working through a system restore. Problem solved, or so I thought. Today when I went to turn on my computer I got the same error so I went into F8 yet again and tried to system restore but everytime I try it it comes up with an error and won't work no matter which restore point I choose. I then tried every option the the F8 menu, no luck, I can't boot into safe mode either. I really don't want to format as I have around 600gbs of data I really don't want to loose as redownloading it all at 200 kb/s will literally take weeks. My PC specs are on my profile for those wondering. Please help I need to access my computer ASAP. Thanks again everyone. Note: I am doing this from my iPod so sorry for any typos.
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    Was able to fix the problem (I think) by starting a system restore before the latest Windows Updates (coincidence that this happened after I installed the latest updates which have been removed due to BSOD issues? I think not) after the restore fails you then shut down while windows is rebooting before the BSOD appears. Then remove everything USB excl. keyboard and mouse and (got this from during the system restore it said something about the D: drive and I thought D: is my DVD drive not my hard drive why does it care about that?) also remove the SATA data cable from the DVD drive. Mine booted and said the system restore was successful, hope this helped someone!

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