Photoshop Display Problem

Photoshop CS2, Windows 10

This just started happening a few months ago. I have a widescreen monitor and this was not a problem until recently. When I drag a .JPG file, a photo, or some document into Photoshop, instead of staying within the Photoshop program on my screen, the image while open in Photoshop moves way over to the left side of my whole monitor. Yes, I can drag it back to where I want it to be (where it always went before), but I don't understand why it is going over there. Must be some setting or preference that got changed, I guess, but I don't even know how to describe the problem or the correct terminology. I think it is more a Photoshop issue than a Windows issue, since no other program does this. Attached is a photo of the wide monitor. Photoshop itself is over to the right of center on the monitor, and the window I opened (the photo), is anchored up against the far left edge.

Thanks so much, Mike


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