Productivity Photoshop elements 2

I have been using photoshop elements 2 for a few years and no problem, untill yesterday when I opend it up all I could get was a message that said

could not complete your request because of missing or invalid personalization information

I uninstalled and shutdown then renstalled and came up with the same problem

once again I uninstalled went to my wifes comp who also has photoshop cpoyed that and installed it onto mine same problem. Dont know what to do.

If anyone can offer any sugestions I would be greatful.


Greg S

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My first suggestion would be to upgrade to photoshop elements 9 or maybe even cs5 if you want more features. If you don't want to up grade to either because of cost, I would highly suggest that you check the requirements of photoshop. It most likely suggests intel pentium II or lower. If you have an intel core i* it may not be hardware compatible. It would be helpful if you said what OS you have also. If you know what you are doing, you could check the registry for errors. Especially under the licensing information. As a last resort I would contact Adobe and request a new installation disk or a trial of it so you can enter your serial number.