Play Battlefield 4 for free through Origin for a week

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Aug 8, 2014
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  1. If you haven't had the time to play Battlefield 4 yet, now is the best time to do so: EA has made their popular first-person shooter free on Origin for one week through their Game Time program, which previously offered up Titanfall...

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  2. Ewww
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  3. NeoFlux

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  4. Darkshadoe

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    I think this would have better idea if they had did this when the game was a little newer. Everyone and their brother probably already has it (except me and I boycotted EA a long time ago) and they few people they may get to buy this game isn't going to make a very big dent in my opinion.
  5. Satish Mallya

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  6. Burty117

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    But it's still pretty broken netcode wise. They've almost cracked it, in CTE they've made it server side only now which means when you hit someone it actually does damage regardless, but the actual games current state, I seem to regularly hit people, blood comes out and they flinch but I get no hit marker and no damage is taken by them :(
  7. 9Nails

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    Not interested in installing Origin. No thank-you.
  8. I didn't realize the users of this site were still so anti-EA. EA has been doing a lot of things to better themselves over the past little bit. I still don't understand how people (some on other forums) are against this or still find a way to be negative about EA doing this? How can EA allowing people 7 days of play time for their still biggest and best selling game they've ever released be a bad thing?

    I have downloaded the game and look forward to playing it. Unlike a commenter above I am apparently not "everybody" nor "their brother" and I will likely purchase this game after the trial ends.
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  9. Normally I would say Orgin blows, release on Steam. But I was false positively vac banned a month ago. So in my opinion, Steam blows too.

    The false positive ban: I was curious about people getting an advantage, I tested a hack offline over a year ago. I had to disable dep and patchguard to inject the hack. I hadn't re-enabled them. Even though Valve still claims they only ban for people cheating in vac secured servers, apparently they ban for the way your computer is configured. I tested the cheat offline spring 2013, and I was banned June 30th 2014. I contacted support, they told me they would ignore any further tickets.

    At least they banned a lot of cheaters, but definitely some false positives in the process. You know people that gave them their hard earned cash, banned for computer configuration. :(
  10. Nobina

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    It's amazing how many people including me are gonna decline even the best offers just to avoid Origin.
  11. Skidmarksdeluxe

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    Thanks 'Origin powered by EA' but I decline, online gaming is not my thing. I appreciate the offer though.
  12. SirGCal

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    If it involves installing 'Origin', heck no... Steam is enough for me, thanks very much. I refuse to support EA anymore period, let alone their attempts at 'Origin'.
  13. SirGCal

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    Never test cheats for steam and then play on a VAC server. It just tests to see if the files exist on your system. That's all it takes. So you did it to yourself. And you must have done something rude as I've seen many people get it reversed in the past. VAC tests the computer configurations period. It is the most basic of tests and doesn't even catch all of the hacks. But it does catch the most common ones. They don't have to be enabled, only installed. There is a massive what/how about the VAC system.
  14. fimbles

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    Wing commander 3 is on the house too.
  15. LOLOL
  16. Jad Chaar

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    Game is still broken. Hey, at least the improvements on CTE are good.
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  17. GrantOss

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    I can't believe all the EA/BF4 haters commenting here. At the end of the day, it's a great game and I guarantee you that you guys that moan about it are still on it for X number of hours per week. Right?
    Because despite the odd 'anomaly' of hits not registering etc, I find that in my experience 90% of the game time is without error and is bloody good fun. You guys that moan here are likely the same guys who moan in the chat windows DURING a BF4 game. Shut up and enjoy the game or leave and let those of us who do play it without your negativity. Amen.
  18. Per Hansson

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    How hard can it be, I looked forward to playing the campaign.
    Install Origin to download the game.
    Spend 5 minutes trying to find a name that is not in use so I can register for Origin.
    Try to start the game, get a browser launched from which I can launch the campaign.
    Install an addon in the browser to be able to start the game.
    Fail to start the game because I have no game time and get redirected to a link for buying the game.
    Try again, game launches.
    See a FoV switch in the menu, think: "wow, they really went to some effort."
    See a message that it applies only to multiplayer, figures...
    Launch the campaign, feel nausea after less than 2 minutes, FoV must be around 60!
    Download an application to modify FoV in the background, it does not work at all, ironic considering it's name: "flawless widescreen"
    I'm getting too old for this ****, gaming aint what it used to be :(
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  19. @ SirGCal:
    The problem is there are legitimate reasons for disabling patchguard and dep. However, I suppose there was a a file adjusted a certain way which allowed them to link it to the cheat disabling them. The main reason I'm upset is I only tried it offline, not on an online vac secured server. I deleted the cheat itself right away. Now a year later vac updates and bans my account. Valve clearly states that they will only ban for cheating on vac secured servers. I explained this in my support ticket, however they didn't care. My mistake from the beginning, I know, but still a piss off.

    I'm sure many plugin developers (like source anti-cheat) have been banned as well without actually cheating. I guess that's what happens when you trust in a service where you never actually own your games. :(

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