PlayStation 5 SoC gets delidded in stunning photoshoot

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Editor's take: Renowned hardware photographer Fritzchens Fritz has published a new batch of images that provide the most detailed look yet at the processor powering Sony’s PlayStation 5. Even if you can't make sense of exactly what you're looking at, the sheer intricacy of modern chip design alone makes them worth checking out.

The chip in question, codenamed Oberon, was developed by AMD for use in the PlayStation 5. It’s based on AMD’s Zen 2 and RDNA architectures, with eight Zen 2 CPU cores and 36 compute units (CUs). Additional specifications on Oberon can be found over on TechPowerUp.

According to Tom’s Hardware, this very chip is featured in AMD’s 4700S Desktop Kit, but with the graphics portion disabled. It is believed that chips that didn’t pass quality control on the graphics side are being repurposed in the desktop kit.

The gorgeous die shots reveal the floorplan that AMD ultimately decided on, with the GPU cores in the middle flanked by the Zen 2 CPU cores. Tom’s notes that there is also clear indication of AMD’s Infinity Fabric, and you can also spot the GDDR6X memory controller along the edge of the SoC.

Fritz shouldn’t be a new name to TechSpot readers. Back in 2016, we featured a collection of the user’s homemade die shots. If you are at all interested in the subject of macro photography as it relates to hardware, I’d encourage you to check out his Flickr albums for hundreds of additional examples. There’s also some very impressive infrared photography on display if you’re more into general photography.

All images credit Fritzchens Fritz, Flickr

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PS5 GPU performance appears quite similar in performance to the 6600XT, I think that is the closest chip now. 180w TDP versus about 200w for PS5, including essentially a Renoir class mobile CPU with the amount of cache available. Sounds about right.

6600XT has better pixel fillrate but considerably worse memory bandwidth. Even taking into account the fact PS5 has shared memory and thus bandwidth.

PS5 would probably perform better at higher resolutions as designed.


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Awesome shots! AMD has really created some amazing chips for these new generation consoles.

I don't get the 4700S desktop kits though.... I mean having very limited GPU support makes no sense. Either the chips support PCI-E or they don't. I don't get how they can only initialize specific GPU's? I wonder if there is really some PCI-E hardware limitation for the initializing of GPU's or if they just locked the firmware for some arbitrary reason.