Please help urgent!

By hazales
Jun 25, 2010
  1. hey guys, i use datron TW3 laptop and one day i simply got BSOD when i try to use my computer and when it first happened, it let me read the stuff on it then i restarted and choose safe mode but it gave me blue screen again for only 1 second and restarted itself then i choosed last good known settings but same thing happened, i choosed start normally, guess what, same thing happened!! now i cannot access my computer i mean it comes up to point where i can go to bios menu(press F2) or diognostic screen(press esc) or boost setup(press F12) and point which i choose safe mode but it does not start windows.. what can i do please help!!!

    oh by the way, i didn't installed any new hardware

    i use windows XP
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