Power On... Power Light Off?

By SnowNasty
Jul 26, 2008
  1. Good day to you all (in stewie's voice)...

    The Machine: Dell Dimension 8200 (original) w/ Power Light and HD light

    Here is the bg story... June 29th Terrible storm, knocked my PC out, left it with the RED light (scared the shhh out of me), killed my dsl router too. In 5mins cpu up and running (dsl dead 4weeks). DSL fixed + new dsl router... my Ethernet card shot, HARD POWERED-OFF my cpu to replace it, the "turn off" function has not been working for a while, unless i Task MGR and manually turn off like 8 programs. I turn the cpu off, open the cpu, noticed my green light was.. orange like (on the mother board).

    Put the new NIC card in quickly, closed up, power on... Keyboard flash once then led lights die, Monitor acting like its on sleep mode, NO BEEPS, LOUD FANS (6yr old comp, lol), cd n dvd drives blinks like normal (i can open and close em), HD light comes on... NO LIGHT ON POWER LIGHT and HD LIGHT TURNS OFF after a few seconds.

    Switched all external cables to make sure everything is cool, and they are, but cpu still not booting. Open the cpu up, to tidy up a bit (dusty), GREEN light on the inside (no longer orange).

    I read somewhere (answerbag-com/q_view/47132) that the reset button could be damage/stuck, I kinda agree, but dont know for sure, because I do know what MY comp sounds like when I need to RESTART my comp MANUALLY, and it sounds like its just restarting over and over continuously, then the HD light just says F'it and die... PLZ Help.
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    It's about 90% reasonable to say your Power Supply is gone (even though it tries to start)
    The other 10% could be HardDrive (or CD/DVD Drive) You could unplug the data cables on this (motherboard end) to fully confirm

    But I believe you need a new PowerSupply


    BenchTesting would be the way to go
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