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By KathyJ
Jan 20, 2009
  1. My husband's computer will not load web pages, none of them. He had been online and it was working fine when he shut it down yesterday morning. Later, he tried to get online and the web pages will not load. According to the lights on his modem, he is connected but Firefox, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express will not connect. He gets the "web page not displayed" message. We each have our own computer with separate dsl modems. My computer connects and works as it should so it's not our internet service provider that is causing the problems. I've checked his ZoneAlarm firewall settings, Avast virus settings, Outlook Express settings and Internet Explorer settings but found nothing wrong. I also scanned for viruses and spyware but no problems were found. I reinstalled Windows XP Home Edition but that didn't help anything either. I tried restoring it back to a few days ago and that didn't help either. Finally, I disconnected my modem and carried it downstairs and mine worked fine on his computer so it must be the modem. I did some tests on it and received the PPoE Failed error. I tried resetting it, updating firmware which was up to date, and several more items but none of them helped. Does anyone know what can be causing this and if there is anything that I haven't tried that can be done about it? If not, should he purchase a new modem directly from AT&T formerly Bellsouth or will a retail version work fine with this company? I went to their store and they had notations under some of their modems saying if you live in certain states do not purchase this modem. That makes me wonder and I would rather ask users like myself than to ask them. Thanks for your time.
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    Doesn't your ISP provide the modem for free? It is obviously your husband's modem that is the problem and they should replace it for you. I would contact your ISP and have them fix this problem for you.
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