Printer problem

  1. I can't turn on my ip2770 printer
  2. Belledupont

    Belledupont TS Rookie

    First thing to do is check the physical connection. Check the power cord, make sure it`s plugged in to the Canon Pixma printer and to a working electric outlet, if it`s plugged into a surge protector or a power strip, bypass the power strip and plug it directly to the wall, that way you can check if your power surge or power strip is not supplying enough voltage to the printer. If so, please replace your power surge/strip. If still no power after connecting directly to a wall outlet, use a different outlet and a different power cord (if possible), the last troubleshooting step you can perform at home is to try to reset the printer. Steps in resetting the printer are as follows: 1. Turn it off without pulling the power cord. 2. Press and hold "Resume and Power" buttons. 3. Let go on Resume button while still holding the Power button. 4. Press the Resume button again 5 times before you let go of Resume & Power buttons.

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