Printing to a non-networked printer

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Nov 12, 2008
  1. I am a teacher and have just been given a new laptop by my school. My problem is the tech department will no longer load the printer files and driver for a personal printer on the new computers. The closest networked printer is too far away for some of my emergency printing needs. Is a workaround possible? Can I load the printer system files on a flash drive?
  2. kimsland

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    You can Print to File, then save the prn file to USB flash drive, and print later on a closer printer
    But if you have a need for a local printer (or closer networked printer, to help teach!)
    Then I cannot see why this would be declined
  3. AtK SpAdE

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    Have you tried installing the drivers yourself? Or do they stop you from the installation (which I find hard to believe)
  4. 1gbrockw1

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    printing to non-networked printer

    Re: Kimsland reply
    I sometimes need to print off things immediately (fresh research, news items , emails,
    etc.), and I cannot wait to print to file and find another printer-connected computer.
    The decision to not allow system changes on the computers was made at the school district level.

    Re: AtK SpAdE reply
    I have tried to install the printer files but the system does not allow the changes unless I am logged in as a system administrator, a security level I do not have.

    Does no one have a workaround solution?
  5. kimsland

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    There is no other option
    Other than staff allowing another "networked" printer through a hub in your office
    I understand "local" install may be impossible due to being on a network domain server (likely)
  6. AtK SpAdE

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    Yea as kimsland said you are out of luck. That rarely is true in the computing field but with out administrator privileges there is nothing you can do.
  7. jobeard

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    *IF* you can get ADMIN access to the laptop;
    disconnect from the network and install the drivers offline.

    Some printers are required to be accessible when installing drivers, so
    a) find a friend with that same printer
    b) connect to his/her lan
    c) install the drivers

    Once installed, you can then connect to any network with that printer model and
    print correctly.
  8. Rottenweiler

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    You might ask them if they have a throw-away printer you could use locally (IE where your laptop usualy sits)

    Most organizations might have literally hundreds of older ink-jet type printers around.
    They might make you pay for the injet cartridges though. Would be worth your money if you don't print a lot.

    I guess that assumes they would help you install it (Admin thing mentioned above).
  9. NunjaBusiness

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    It sounds like you already HAVE your own printer you wish to use locally. You just need to be able to load the freaking drivers.

    Everybody seems to be ignoring the real and major problem here. If you are a teacher, employed by that school, the tech department is there to ASSIST you in your tech-related needs. Enabling you to perform the duties you were hired for (namely, teaching our children) is their single most important function. If they are not helping and are in fact hindering your ability to do that work, then THEY ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS!

    Policies are put in place for many valid reasons, and not allowing admin privileges for most users is an excellent policy. However, installing a local printer is really NOT something that should require admin access or an act of congress to get done.

    You need to be at the desk of the School's System Administrator first thing in the morning, asking nicely first. Make it clear you will be talking with the Headmaster/Principal/Administrator that day about this situation. If he/she has any real sense at all it will happen. If not, then immediately go to the real boss and explain the situation clearly and unemotionally. If that person is not completely incompetent - you will get what you need.

    A small caveat though. Do not piss off the geeks. There are many many ways to surreptitiously mess with you with little or no evidence of said "messing.";)
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