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Privacy activist files legal complaints worth $8.86 billion against Google and Facebook...

By Polycount ยท 4 replies
May 25, 2018
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  1. The European Union's new GDPR privacy laws are going into effect today, and tech companies everywhere are struggling to adapt to the new rules.

    The GDPR, for the unaware, is a set of new regulations that aim to give EU consumers more control over how their data is used online. For example, users can now request that a company delete the information it has stored about them or correct it if it's inaccurate.

    At any rate, it seems a few companies aren't adapting to the GDPR as quickly as some would like -- Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems has filed numerous legal complaints against Facebook and Google for allegedly violating the GDPR's new rules.

    Specifically, Schrems takes issue with how the two tech giants now require users to consent to their adjusted privacy policies before gaining access to their services. Schrems feels this is a violation of the GDPR rules surrounding "particularized" consent.

    The complaints Schrems has filed so far are reportedly worth about 7.6 billion euro, or $8.86 billion.

    The complaints Schrems has filed so far are reportedly worth about 7.6 billion euro, or $8.86 billion. These complaints were registered with the CNIL, a French data protection authority, according to the Irish Times.

    In a statement to the Financial Times, Schrems said the companies in question "totally know" that they're violating GDPR rules, but both companies have denied this is the case.

    Indeed, Facebook reportedly says they've "prepared for the past 18 months" to ensure they comply fully with the GDPR's requirements, and Google says they are "committed to complying" with GDPR rules.

    Regardless, if Schrems' complaints have merit, they will be forwarded to the appropriate GDPR authorities for further investigation.

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  2. trparky

    trparky TS Evangelist Posts: 514   +406

  3. Trillionsin

    Trillionsin TS Evangelist Posts: 1,801   +394

    Lmao they were sitting their waiting with their finger hovering over the ENTER key
    merikafyeah likes this.
  4. Steffen Jobbs

    Steffen Jobbs TS Rookie

    No faction can touch Google or Facebook. Those companies are too valuable to tamper with. Investors love these companies because they can steal user information and turn it into huge profits. The consumer is their only product. As part of the FANG stock empire, these stocks are practically the cornerstone of the stock market. So many big investors are powerful people and they're not going to allow anything to happen to those companies.

    Zuckerberg has already proved that Facebook is untouchable and that neither Capitol Hill or the E.U. has any control over his company. Facebook investors are laughing all the way to the bank even after the so-called data-breach scandal. Most consumers don't care how their personal data is used. All consumers want is free services and they'll happily hand over their souls to get it. If consumers don't care what happens with their personal information, then why should any group worry about it. That privacy activist hardly has anyone to back him up. He's going after Google and Facebook for his own personal reasons. Without major consumer backing, he's wasting his time. Schrems has no power whatsoever when it comes to powerful companies like Google and Facebook. No big investors want Google or Facebook to be regulated.

    No doubt these data-harvesting companies are turning over all that personal information to government intelligence agencies, so I'm sure the government doesn't want Google or Facebook controlled. Big investors certainly don't care if everyone's personal privacy is violated. It's all about making huge profits and nothing else.

    Facebook and Google will never be regulated or fined. They're certainly too wealthy and powerful to be harmed by some insignificant activist loser. Zuckerberg personally has far more money and power than any European data protection agency. A man with that much money can't be beat.
  5. havok585

    havok585 TS Addict Posts: 201   +58

    You know what they say, the bigger they are, the bigger they fall.

    Facebook or Google will eventually die.

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