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Oct 1, 2008
  1. Hi all,

    First post!, hoping theres someone that can solve my problems.

    Basically the computer belongs to the other half, and shes had non stop grief with it since day one. The two major problems that are plaguing her at the moment:

    1) She did a fresh install of Vista x64 and found (after a successful install) that she could only boot up with the DVD in the drive. No matter what boot sequence she tries, and we have attempted a windows repair (to which it says nothing is wrong). The PC simply will not boot up without the DVD. Instead we get a 'Disk boot error, insert system disk and press enter' message on start up.

    2) She has a M2N-E SLi motherboard which seems to have unusual on board sound. The sound card comes up as a 'usb controller'. She often finds that the PC doesnt have sound or certain applications wont produce sound on the computer. After fresh install she hasnt had sound at all, and yes she has installed all the drivers for it.

    Also on top of that, the PC just seems to run pretty slow, its a 2.2 dual core machine with 4gb of RAM, so it should run fairly smoothly. This part isnt too important atm, she just wants it to work and Im out of ideas!. help!.
  2. tuant

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    Possible answers :
    1. Check your BIOS for this problem. Somewhere in BIOS (somewhat different among motherboards) there is a boot order and make sure your hard drive is included in the boot order. Typically by default its set to CD/DVD-ROM, Floppy, then Hard disk. I'm assuming your hard disk is not listed.

    2. Are you sure you have the correct 64bit driver for the sound card? Is it an onboard? What type of sound card do you have?
  3. Heim

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    As I said before we have tried numerous boot sequences (or boot orders if you prefer) and the hard disk is deffinently listed.

    The sound card is the onboard sound of the Asus M2N-E SLi motherboard. We have triedthe drivers on the CD that came with the motherboard, and the latest 64bit drivers from the Asus website.
  4. LookinAround

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    well, you've tickled our curiousity with a spec or two of hardware spec.. but you really need to let us alll see what ya got ;)

    see this thread Downoad Everest Home, and look at other post says which report to get. then post it back here

    btw.. after you boot from DVD, you have full access to the disk? it otherwise runs fine? yes? no?
  5. kimsland

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    No it's a Sata and PATA (IDE) drive issue in CMOS

    I suspect Heim has an IDE device connected (ie another HardDrive) whilst installing Vista (This caused the issue)

    Mucking around with CMOS settings on Sata will fix it. (try defaults first, then go from there)
    Or re-install ONLY with your Sata drive connected

    Oh and LookinAround, was that the right link you posted up there?
  6. LookinAround

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    I mean, what? You don't mind an indirect reference to a thread you only need scroll half wy through to get the link you really want?

    Where's that sense of adventure ;)
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