Problem sending pictures from phone to desktop

By bert913
Jul 2, 2010
  1. Using Windows XP Home and a Motorola RAZR phone/camera.

    I have an older RAZR and a new one I just bought.

    With the older phone: Sending pictures to my desktop as an attachment to an email. Each picture shows up in the email with it’s own number/name under the picture e.g. 07-02-1…
    I download the pic. to My Documents, then I use “Open With”> Photoimprission and all is well.

    With the new phone: In the phone, each pic. has a number/name. When the pics. show up in the email there is no number, instead, under every pic. it says _Preview…
    If I change the name, I can download multiple pics. to My Documents. When I use “Open With”> Photoimpression, Photoimpression opens but the pic. does not show up.

    The problem is with the new RAZR. I removed the battery & sim from the new phone, put them in the old phone and it works fine.
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