Problem with loading Windows XP

By pugwash41
Feb 16, 2009
  1. hi i have just turned my computer on and the screen says that widows xp apologizes that it cant load. there are 4 choices safe mode, safe with networking safe with command prompt etc. anyone of these take me back to the start up page i get two noises as it trys to boot from a cd and we start again. i tried putting in the recovery disc and i end up with a blue screen saying examining 76317 mb disk 0 at id 0 on bus 0 on atapi this then stays on screen for hours can you help.i am using a scaleo 600 and windows xp home edition sp1a cheers pugwash
  2. raybay

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    What is your computer brand, model, and configuration. How old is it?
    This is a common problem with both failed hard drives, and certain infestations. We need more information if it is a Scaleo 600 as I am not familiar with that model.
    Why are you not upgraded to Service Pack 2 or 3? What security are you using?
  3. pugwash41

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    the computer is a fujitsu siemens i have upgraded when requsted to its 5 years old and is an intel pentium 4 if thats any help
  4. meatologist

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    sounds like a hard disk problem.

    Can you boot from the Windows XP CD at all? If yes, take a look here:

    Read the sections headed: How to use the Recovery Console, How to use the Recovery Console command prompt and Command actions

    Particular attention to: Chkdsk

    If you can't boot from the CD, then try this:

    Do you have access to another PC? If so, then you can slave your hard disk and run a scan on it.

    Looking at the Fujitsu Siemens SCALEO 600, they come with both IDE and SATA compatibility, so depending on the hardware type, here's what you do:

    Find someone with a spare PC:

    Remove the hard disk from your PC

    Install into the spare PC's secondary IDE channel - usually what the CD drive is plugged in to. OR Install into the spare PC's second SATA channel

    Boot the spare PC, it will (hopefully) find your hard disk and install a generic driver.

    Once that's finished, open up Windows Explorer, right click the newly found hard disk

    Right Click>Properties>Tools

    Choose Check Now under Error-Checking
    Tick the 2 boxes and click start

    You may be prompted to restart the PC, if so - do so.

    That will run a surface scan of your hard disk and tell you if it has any errors.
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