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Problems after installing new board

By darkzebra
Nov 19, 2008
  1. MSI K9A2 Platinum Motherboard
    Amd Athlon(windsor) 6000 dual core chipset
    Geforce 8600 GT
    2 gigs DDR 2 memory
    Windows xp SP2

    hey everyone

    i was wondering if someone could help me out..

    i bought a brand new machine at the end of last year from a retailer only to have continued problems with it until recently(10 months donw tht eline basically) when i found out that the people i bought my machine form actually built my machine with a motherboard which couldn't handle the wattage from my cpu ie a 125w 6000 dual core amd chipset.. hence providing me with millions of blue screen errors and as a result at the age of 22 i nearly have no hair left . anyways i finally decided to end this computer misery by buying a new motherboard.. an MSI K9A2 platinum.. which is easily capable of handling my cpu.. and is prett big step up from the last one

    anyways now since i've put this board in my machine.. i now have issues where if i run any game.. after about 3 minutes of playin the game, where the speed and graphics are excellent and running smoothly.. the game suddenly becomes very jerky and basically runs at a quarter of the speed... where for example with red alert 3.. from being able to scroll around the map every smootly.. suddenyl when i move ther mouse to the edge of the screen it takes like a secnond before it responds.. basically taking snapshots of the battlefield..

    i honestl cant undertsnad why it do this?.. especially it it starts out fine??

    i ran my machine on the stress test which everest ultimate provides and it had no problems(didn't crash or have errors)... only thing possibly being that the one cpu got up to heat value of about 65.. which apperenlty is okay for an amd cpu?.. cuz apparentl amd cpu's can get up to a temp of 70 before anything starts to go mad..

    could anyone suggest anything as to why this might be happening?

    i also downloaded the newest forceware for my GPU (geforec 8600 GT).. and that doesn't seem to have done anything..

    please could someone help me out.. this is unbelievably frustrating

    i heard that there are options which can be changed in an amd chipset bios t fix things like this.. ? i have no idea what i'm doing i really dont want to mess around in the bios setting without knowing what i'm doing

    any help with this would be really appreciated

    thanks alot
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