Problems installing Microsft Office

By Shaygurl12775
Mar 20, 2008
  1. I am starting college online on Monday..I received my software(Microsoft Office Professional Plus) I tried installing it..nothing happened..I fiddleded with some stuff..still nothing. I troubleshot everything that u possibly could and then I called tach support with my college..she said I have a dvd driver problem..What do i do to fix this??:confused:
    If you could pleasse helpp meee It would be greatly appreciated!!:grinthumb
  2. Route44

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    What exactly did the tech support say besides "you've got a DVD driver problem"?

    Can you run anything else off of this DVD drive?

    You can go to your DVD drive manufacturer's website and see if they have drivers you can update for your drive.
  3. Shaygurl12775

    Shaygurl12775 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    reply to rt44

    Tech support told me to call my computer's warranty people which is no longer under warranty by 20 days.. I am severely computer stupid as what all to do about problems...And I checked for updates..but I don't know about for the driver specifically..idk.. I can play cds but any data disks pose a problem..
  4. Route44

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    Okay, do you know the name/make/model of your DVD drive? If so, google the company and find their website.

    Find their drivers update support or something close to that and click that on.

    Then when they ask for make/model type that in and they should give a list of the latestdrivers. Make sure it is the correct drivers for your particular drive.

    See if that helps. Also, sometimes drives just go bad. If you know someone who knows PCs they may be able to a) help you in downloading drivers or b) help you install a new drive.
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