Problems installing OS on a new hard drive

By dawnhawkins
Oct 3, 2010
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  1. I have recently installed a new hd on my hp media center pc m7060n I have tried using my recovery discs that I created when I purchased the computer. Things were going well until I inserted the second disc and then received the message NTLDR is missing. The os I am trying to install is Windows XP. Any help would be greatly appreciate.
  2. mike1959

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    To install XP on new HD?

    Hi, Will assume the original hard drive (C) had failed in some way, ( chattering noises, clunking sound at boot ?). So you bought a new hard drive to replace it. It is usual to have your operating system (OS) installed on the hard drive twice, by the manufacturer, you use the second (copy) and the first is hidden, only to be used to 'restore' the second copy in the event of a 'disaster'. Therefore your PC maker, HP, don't usually supply you with an XP disc, (which you now need). The recovery discs you made can repair problems, but they are not the complete XP system. The error you are getting is related to this. The main problem you will have, is that even if you did have an XP disc, (and you could borrow one), to install on the new drive, it would work to a point, when you try to activate it with Microsoft. The activation is most likely to fail, because the part number on the new drive is different to the original. The 'product key' on the sticker on the side or top of the PC is linked to the original parts in your PC. I assume you know about changing the order of the drives in the BIOS, so as to make the CD/DVD first, and On-Board IDE/SATA second ? It's worth trying though, because the alternative is that you will have to buy a new operating system disc, (and product key). That won't be XP, or even Vista, but Windows 7. If you do that, it will install for certain on your new hard drive, and you will have a working system for many years. Plus this problem won't happen again, because you have the disc and product key to use as you like. Hope I have understood your situation, and this makes sense !

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