Processor reading different speeds?

By spkenny
Apr 13, 2009
  1. I have an Athlon 2200+ Socket A that I have been using for at least 5 years now, and still going strong. For as long as I can remember it's always read at a speed of 1700. Just today, I was checking my specs to let a friend know what I had for my machine, and was surprised to see it was actually only reading a speed of 1300 on the clock. I have a second computer that i recently had cleaned out removing the processor on it. While I had done that I also did the same to my main computer as well. Got me wondering if I had accidentally switched processors by mistake since they are both matching sockets. Assuming this as a mistake, I switched the processors, only to find that the original processor in question was now reading at a speed of 1700 mhz instead of the 1300. The motherboard in my main is a newer asus, and the second computer has an older model. So why is it reading better speed on the older model, but not correctly on the new?
  2. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,332   +101

    Are you sure your motherboard isn't using some form of throttling/power saver technology which reduces the core speed?

    Go grab your motherboard manual or look it up online and give it a look over.
  3. Tmagic650

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    Or you may need to upgrade the bios on the newer motherboard
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