Programs Not Showing Up in Add-Remove Programs?

By Deviouz
Nov 27, 2008
  1. I have windows XP SP2 and i have this strange problem i just noticed.
    when i go into add-remove programs i notice that quite a few of my programs that i have installed are not listed in there. and also some programs that are listed in there have no uninstall button to uninstall them..??

    what would have caused this..??
    What can I do to fix this issue..??
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    As a first step download MyUninstaller
    - Are your missing programs listed using this tool?
    - You should at least have remove option even if button was missing in Add/Remove?

    If answer is YES to above you might want to uninstall (using MyUninstaller) then reinstall. Or post back here if questions about what to do.

    NOTE: MyUninstaller will show entries you;ve never seen in Add/Remove (cause these are normally hidden by Microsoft). So don't simply start removing things you don't recognize
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