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By red1776
Jan 22, 2010
  1. Hello gang,
    over the last year plus there has been more and more folks who are attempting to upgrade their machines with better graphics capability in response to the ever increasing demands of the new titles hitting the shelves monthly. Most of the time this requires an PSU upgrade as well. many times they will have a decent 400w-500w PSU that must be set aside to make way for a new 700w + PSU. If this scenario fits your situation, have a great alternative for you. About a year ago In researching my challenge to build a sub 1k machine that would run Crysis/Crysis Warhead on very high/ enthusiast settings, I added a third HD 4850 in CF and found myself in the same situation. I ended up purchasing the FSP Group BoosterX 5 and found it to be a terrific product. The X5 is a graphics dedicated PSU putting out 450w (500w max) and 40A on the 12v rails. This is exceptionally clean power as well with very low ripple which is extremely important, especially when doing something as intense as gaming. The AC ripple numbers at full load are 3.3v @ 25 (mV p-p) 5.0v @ 25 (mV p-p) 12v @ 40 mV p-p).
    another advantage is that it balances the electrical load from your main PSU adding to the life expectancy of both PSU's. It also runs very cool and very quiet. and is rated at 85% efficiency. I have been using it for a year now to power 2 of my three 4850's and it has performed flawlessly. i have not seen a mention of this PSU on here in over a year, so wanted to let anyone who is upgrading their graphics and needs a PSU because of it.
    If you are so compelled, you can find out more about it here and link to the manufacturers site.
  2. dividebyzero

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    Looks like a good product red.
    Got a couple of questions for you.
    How cool does it run under full load? Most of the upgrades I do involve cases that have a max. of 4 x 5.25 bays usable-increasingly 2 of the bays are going to be taken up by a touch screen fan controller (the usual customer request) and an ODD- leaves one bay. Radiated heat of the unit likely to pose a problem? And is the exhaust likely to pose a problem for a front-to-back cooling case. Most of the mods I do these days involve roof mounted rads but I still have a few customers on the air cool variety.
    Second. Cable management. The PCIe wouldn't be a problem -easily rewired for length if need be- but how long is the power cord (internal to PCI plate)? and how far from the plate is the choke? and is the diameter very thick?
    Most of the builds I've done I've recommended (read strongarmed) full size chassis to the customer (ATCS 840, Lian Li's and some earlier build's with the Cosmos and Stacker 830's) so would need about 550mm (say 420mm straight-line distance+ 130mm for routing behind the mobo) - enough cable length for a tidy build ?
  3. red1776

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    Hello Divide,

    That is one of the great aspects of the x5. The enclosure gets tepid at best under load. I have my HDD cage sitting on top of it and it has no effect on the temps.

    The internal power cable is 760mm long. I have a 20" deep case and have it routed behind the MB with cord to spare. the internal power cord ( unit to PCI plate ) is a standard +/- side by side cord, same as the external power cable.
    The x5 sits 7.5 in back from the front of the drive bay also.

    Hope that answered it. If you need any other information, give me a holler.
  4. dividebyzero

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    Most of my recent builds reserve the top 1 or 2 5.25in bays for w/c reservoir/s (just to keep it close the the radiator), so having the plexiglass near a heat source could have caused a bit of a headache. All good.
    I think the 300w ATX spec for graphics cards is probably history- just a matter of time before 2 x 8pin makes it's appearance at the reference card level. Asus (Mars GTX285) and MSI (the HD 5870 Lightning I think ends up 2x8pin) have already dipped their toes into the 375 watt envelope and I don't think the Fermi dual card and non-reference/ 6Gb GDDR5 refresh HD 5970 will be too reticent about joining the ranks. Just that neither would want to be the first to do it.

    If that is the case then anyone running a 600-750w PSU would seriously be looking at this unit, as would anyone who wanted to run Crossfire/SLI/Hydra(?) if they already own a 1kw class unit.
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