PSU and GPU upgrade help

By mranderson911
Dec 24, 2008
  1. hi im looking at upgrade my pc in the new year.

    This is what i am running now:

    Motherbord:Asus p5n32e sli
    CPU:e6850 with a true cooling it
    Ram:g skills f2 6400 CL6 2gb x 2
    GPU:geforce 8600gt 512
    Case:Raidmax Sirius Black Gaming Tower Case, with 500W PSU

    iv been looking at Corsair 750w power supply cose it should last me for a few years to come. what do you guys thing of it?

    As for GPU iv been try to toss up between the 260gtx and the 4870 but im sort of likeing 4870 with the after markit coolers that they are comeing out with.
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