Psu or no psu?

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Mar 22, 2008
  1. how do i know if i have to get a larger psu if i am upgrading my graphics card? i'm looking at the gecube hd2600 512mb agp to put in my presario 6024us.
  2. Rio

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    What PSU have you got at the moment?
    If you don't know read the label on the psu in your box.
    Should have all your power ratings, then compare it to the system requirements on the official site.
    Or just tell us the power ratings and we will let you know what we think.

  3. Rio

    Rio TS Rookie Posts: 26

    Im getting off the forums now so ill leave you with this:

    The manufacturer recommends a 400-Watt power supply or greater to ensure normal system operation where a number of other internal devices are installed.
    So... even if you were at 380 or something, i'd still reccomend a new one as this insures no problems and your not going cause expensive problems in the future.
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  5. scrappydog

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    ok so i'm looking at the rosewill rp500-2 atx12v v2.01 for 60$ on newegg simply because i searched by "best reviews" and it came up as the 1st 500w supply but how do i know if it will fit in my case? are power supplys pretty much standard size?

    also i'm looking at the gecube radeon hd 2600pro 512mb agp (93$ newegg) also because of its' high reviews for a agp card which is apparently what i need. it calls for 400w and my system has 235w, hence the rosewill.

    any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated...thanks.
  6. scrappydog

    scrappydog TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i'm also looking at the fsp group fsp400 for 55$ which also got high reviews but again i don't know if it is compatible.
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