Psu problem

By maleficum
Mar 7, 2010
  1. Hi guys,i have a small problem.I got a 8600gt video card i plugged it in my pc and when i pushed the button there was an atempt to turn on ( for a second) and thats it.As i understood it`s becouse of my psu.Now question:

    what can i do to run 8600gt on my pc without buying new psu ,cuz i dont realy have money right now.I have integrated 6150 maybe i should turn it off in bios?i realy dont know what to do,can i turn it off ? or it`s not affecting my psu..and will i be able to turn on my pc if 8600gt still wont start and my integrated card will be off :D

    i have codegen 400w psu .
    amd 3800+ (dual)
    6150 integrated card.
    1 gb of ram(ddr1)256x256x512
    motherboard c51-mcp51
    is there realy something i can do exept buying new psu..and if i have to buy one how many W should it be.

    sorry for my english.hope u will understand something
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