PSU SATA connectors

I recently bought a Coolmax 240-pin PSU (I-400) on Amazon.
The sata connectors look almost identical to others that fit easily into my hard drive, but these do not.
I can't find any info about the differences among the connectors from power supply units to internal SATA devices, or how to know which I need. They are 17mm L x 24mm W.
I tried to attach a picture, but can't do it right now. I've looked everywhere I could think of for info, but can't find anything. I hope someone here can/will help.
Thank you. I went back to the coolmax site and realized that the picture of the connectors associated with the PSU are different from the ones that are on the unit I received, though the description is identical.
I thought of the adapters you posted a link to, though wasn't sure they were the right ones, so thanks for that, too. My concern about using those, however, is that it might slow things down. Do you think that's a possibility? If so, I might send it back for a replacement.

According to their website, they should just be standard 15 pin SATA connectors:

You could maybe get a set of molex-to-SATA converters, and hook up your drives using these: