PUBG is now officially PUBG: Battlegrounds for some reason

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WTF?! PUBG publisher Krafton has decided it needs to distinguish PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds from other titles in the franchise. Out of the near infinite selection of ways to rebrand it, Krafton chose PUBG: Battlegrounds. Apparently, we should just ignore the redundancy here.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, more commonly known as PUBG, is getting a new name. The game's publisher Krafton decided sometime last month to change the name in Steam to PUBG: Battlegrounds. So, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Battlegrounds will now fall into a category of linguistic redundancies like ATM machine, PIN number, and LCD display—tautologies cutely referred to as RAS syndrome (redundant acronym syndrome syndrome).

Krafton felt a name change was necessary as it begins creating other PUBG branded titles.

"Krafton is actively expanding the PUBG brand through a variety of new experiences set in its universe," a spokesperson told PC Gamer. "Rebranding PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to PUBG: Battlegrounds is the first step in us realizing this vision. Additional titles in the franchise will carry the PUBG name, as you see with our upcoming game, PUBG: New State."

The reasoning does make some sense, but why PUBG: Battlegrounds? What's wrong with PUBG: Battle Royale or PUBG: Drop Zone? PC Gamer asked Krafton why "Battlegrounds" and not something else, but the spokesperson would not elaborate.

As to the future of the PUBG brand, there is already PUBG Mobile 1.5: Ignition, more simply known as PUBG Mobile for iOS and Android. Krafton also has another mobile game in the works called PUBG: New State, which is just more of the same PUBG action in a slightly futuristic setting.

Krafton also has a survival horror game coming next year called The Callisto Protocol (trailer above). It is set on one of the moons of Jupiter, but is within the PUBG universe and lore. Glen Schofield, the creator of Dead Space, is heading up the project under his new development house Striking Distance Studios. It is unclear if Krafton intends to change the name to PUBG: The Callisto Protocol. Perhaps it will call it PUBG: The TCP Protocol.

Of course, players will probably still call PUBG: Battlegrounds, "PUBG," while referring to newer games by their post-colon title (New State). So the name change is not likely to make that much difference among fans.

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Seems like an effort to reinforce playerbase. Why not just simplify as "Battlegrounds"...or is that taken by another game.


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Don't worry everyone....I can resolve this. All I need is the following:

Your SSN number
Your vehicle's VIN number

Once we have these things, we'll get to the bottom of PUBGBG (Player Unknown Battleground Battleground) conundrum.

Actually, now that I think about it I don't want to resolve the stupid naming issue for this stupid game and I don't need your stinking SSN number or VIN number. The game was okay when it first launched and cheats weren't in use yet, but after a few weeks it sucked to play the game and last time I was talked into trying it (probably about 6-8 months ago) the cheats were still awful and having a kill cam didn't help. People just don't care. If they want to cheat, they'll cheat.


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Bet they wanted to call it just Battlegrounds but they can't remove the PUBG part since that's how people recognize the game. PUBG sounded stupid, this is even worse.


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Bet they wanted to call it just Battlegrounds but they can't remove the PUBG part since that's how people recognize the game. PUBG sounded stupid, this is even worse.
Name was stupid from day one, it's insane that they released the game with a name like that to begin with

I actually played it for xx hours some years ago and it was decent, however tons of bugs and I stopped playing because of it and then other dev's released something better and people switched

They sold many copies tho


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PUBG is the brand and the various games are the different models.

Makes sense.

Teo pretty normal thing that happens when a thing becomes more known for its initials or short hand name than the ACTUAL name.

PUBG has effectively BECOME the brand and like you said if they plan to ever expand the brand their has to be a way to differentiate the original battleground game from whatever else they do under the PUBG brand...

It may not be "proper" but it's normal in everyday speech and something we see pretty often (think about ATM Machine) plenty would call it that even though ATM stands for automated teller machine.

But NO ONE calls them an "automated teller machine" it's an ATM and some may refer to that particular machine from another by calling it an ATM Machine.


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"PUBG: Battlegrounds" is a little redundant redundant.

The alternative was "PU: Battlegrounds" and renaming the entire franchise "PU". :D