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By Sparton 10
Feb 26, 2009
  1. Hi ok i know this gets asked all the time but i will be a bit more specific with my question:

    On the intel site it says the maximum thermal rating of my q6600 is 71 degrees celsius now intel defines the thermal specification as Thermal Specification: The thermal specification shown is the maximum case temperature at the maximum Thermal Design Power (TDP) value for that processor. It is measured at the geometric center on the topside of the processor integrated heat spreader. For processors without integrated heat spreaders such as mobile processors, the thermal specification is referred to as the junction temperature (Tj). The maximum junction temperature is defined by an activation of the processor Intel® Thermal Monitor. The Intel Thermal Monitor’s automatic mode is used to indicate that the maximum TJ has been reached.

    my temps are:

    now does the 71 degrees that intel say mean the temps in blue cant reach 71 or the temp in red cant reach 71
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    If I were you I'd reseat with AS5 to lower temps, is it oc'd? That's still high for 3Ghz.

    I think they mean the cpu temp(red). I always use the core temps to detect if I seated the heatsink wrong or applied thermal paste incorrectly. ie core #1=47C, core #2= 55C. The large gap in temps can result from the things I said above. All your temps seem a little high.

    what is your vcore?
  3. Sparton 10

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    Its not overclocked at the moment its running stock 2.4ghz although this was taken about 5 seconds after stopping a stress test, they usually idle around 45
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