Q9450 oc past 3.5ghz

By DaMak420
Nov 20, 2008
  1. ok.... So... I oc'd my CPU last night to 3.5 GZH Stable.

    I ran prime 95 for 20 minutes, and under max load my Core temps never exceeded a highest point of 61 under full load.

    I had no BSOD's no stability issues, and continued to play WOW and COD:4 for several hours.

    So I decided i wanted to push it further. Instead of a small jump in the OC, I went big.... All the way up to 3.9GZH.

    At this point the machine began to POST, but very early in the POST, hung up, and wouldn't move. I turned off the PC, cleared the CMOS, reset my memory voltage to the correct setting, and left it back down at 2.67Ghz for the rest of the night.

    I want to push this thing to the limit, and see if I can squeeze out 4.5Ghz+.

    This is where I need some help with OC'ing.

    I am unsure when I need to change voltage settings, and what the safe range of voltage settings are. I want to be careful, but i want to push it too.



  2. DaMak420

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    Anyone have any info ?
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