'Quake' demake running on an old oscilloscope is downright haunting

Shawn Knight

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There's something oddly appealing about porting games or apps to platforms in which they don't belong. In the clip above from Finnish programmer / artist Pekka Väänänen who managed to create a demake of the classic first-person shooter Quake to...

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I remember playing this game in junior high school... such loads of fun. Was my first shooter game I ever played and I've been hooked ever since. I should go back and play Quake again, with the original NIN music.
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In all honesty, it looks like every other "digital wire frame", "how we brought that, "X!&?K*#", monster to life", DVD special feature.

The kind you buy the DVD to get, and then find that you could have lived without "Oh poo, I should have rented the DVD from Redbox and been done with it". Like that.


If thisuses the unreal engine then many other games could be ported too.. Im off to corner the market in old oskillopes..