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Aug 31, 2010
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  1. I have a 6GB triple channel memory kit and one of the modules is physically damaged. I was wondering if I could use the remaining two modules and if they would run dual or single channel? 4GB is better than 0GB so if I can still use the working units that would be fine. I bought a micro ATX motherboard that supports 2 DDR3 modules so this kit would be perfect if I could use them. Any help would be great.. Thanks!
  2. Leeky

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    From comments made in one of my recent posts, the memory should be just fine. Its not the RAM that is triple channel, its the chipset/cpu. The same RAM will happily run single, dual and triple channel. They just package the RAM as matched sticks in pairs or triples as they're tested and work well with each other.

    The thead in question is here. DBZ's post (#10) explains What I think your asking clearly. :)
  3. red1776

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    I will second that, The ram is not dual or triple channel, the architecture of the MB/memory controller is. Dual and triple channel kits only mean that the memory was manufactured together and is hand tested to make sure that it works together. you can buy a single module to replace the bad one and use it with the other two in triple channel mode and it will work just fine.
  4. EXCellR8

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    Alright thanks, I was a bit confused since memory isn't really my department :)

    The motherboard is dual channel so it should work fine with the working modules I have then. I knew I could replace the module but I just wasn't sure 2 out of the 3 sticks would work. I probably should have known better I suppose since there are only two slots available, but hey at least I know for sure now. Thanks :grinthumb
  5. red1776

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    sure, hey did you ever replace your CF setup? I thought you were talking about last month.
  6. EXCellR8

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    I'm still using a single 4870, but I am rebuilding my main computer with the 5870 this weekend. I don't think I will be using CrossFire again for awhile, at least until the price on 58xx cards comes down some or I find a good deal on another card.

    I bought a bunch of parts for a HTPC so I will be swapping some of my older parts into that and put it up for sale. Not sure if I want to sell my Rampage Formula board yet but I'll deal with that later. I will be building both systems around the end of the week...
  7. red1776

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    Did you buy your 5870 yet? The reason I ask is a pair of 5850's will outperform a 5870 and can be had for 100.00 less. just a thought :)
  8. EXCellR8

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    Yea I already bought a VisionTek 5870 1GB for $300. To be honest I wasn't having too much luck with CrossFire in general so I think I will be sticking with a single adapter for a little while. For some reason I had a lot of problems with games under Windows 7 when I used CF. Some games were fine but others would just freeze up and crash no matter what I did. I know the 5850 will outperform the 5870 when paired but with the deal I got on the 5870 i wanted, coupled with my crappy luck with CF, I think I will be happy with the setup... for now anyway. There's only a handful of DX11 games that are even on the market anyways.
  9. teklord

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    There are so many problems with SLI/CF. That is why I went with a new card altogether, the GTX 470, instead of getting a second HD 4850. GPU makers need to work the technology out before releasing as a viable option to the public.

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