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By GN48
Jan 7, 2010
  1. Hi to all you guys reading this,

    I have couple questions about the CPU:

    First one, I don't know how to explain this, but you know how when playing your games, the CPU usage usually goes up to 50%?, hmmm yes? well there's was a old computer I used to play AOE on. Uses a Pentium I processor at 133 Mhz. Right it uses 50% of that CPU right, well On my newer computer, which uses a Core 2 Duo processor, at 1856Mhz (which adds up to double that seeing that it has two cores), it also uses 50% of that. My question is, why is it using also using 50% of both the 2 cores and not less than that? Surely the Dual core should be able to run this game at 1% or less of usage, the Dual core is more powerful, yet it uses 50% of each core to play the game! It shouldn't, should use less than that.

    the second question is; do you know how the CPU fan in on top of the heatsink, right? Well I have queries about that CPU fan; Why don't the CPU makers make the fan so that it sucks air from the heatsink and not blow into it? The reason why I ask of this is because I always fear that my rear fan is sucking most the air away from the CPU fan so that the CPU fan don't have enough air to blow out the heat on the heatsink. Souldn't the CPU fan be designed so that it sucks air from the heatsink and then the air is then sucked again by the rear fan to outside? Is like this, what's the point of cooling the CPU if the rear fan is like sucking up all the air there is available to the CPU fan? Though even if my rear fan is only a 80mm, I don't really think that will happen anyway, but I just have this feeling that the rear fan is strong enough to do this.

    So can anyone clarify this if this is really what is meant to be happening or is there a way to change that?

  2. Tedster

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    most games are written to use 1 core. Very few games are multi-threaded or written to use multiple cores. (some of the newer ones are). And since there are a LOT of single core processors out there, game makers want to make sure they can sell games to the most people.

    Because sucking air would suck dust into the fins (that's bad ju-ju). Blowing air is more effective.
  3. GN48

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    Yes, but surely a Pentium 4 running a like 4Ghz should breeze while playing AOE, it is a single CPU isn't it, and you said most games use single while others use multi, well this here is a single yet uses 50% of CPU... A Pentium 4 running at 4Ghz shouldn't work just as hard as a Pentium 1 at 133Mhz. Coz then if both can play AOE smoothly, sure, the Pentium 1 might be just enough to run it, but the other one is like working just as hard to produce the same results, but what's the use, waste of CPU usage where you can use that usage for other programs running while you're playing games. It's like getting a really strong person to lift up the same weights as the weaker person, except that the stronger one will probably do more reps than the weaker one and the weaker one will just barely try to do as much as it can do.

    and the other, yes, well I don't really mind getting the CPU fan all dusty and dirty, just as long as the job is done most efficiently whether it's sucking or blowing the air from/to the heatsink. hey, do you think cooling CPUs with coolant water (or whatever those liquid stuff are called to cool the CPUs and GPUs nowadays) is better than cooling it from a fan?
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