Radeon 9800 Pro Problems

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I can't play games anymore. I used to play them without a problem, but out of the blue I started getting an error. Whenever I try to start up a game, it would tell me that I need a Directx compatible device to play the game, even when I already had one. I tried reinstalling directx 9.0c, installing new video card drivers, and even omega drivers. When I do dxdiag it says I have directx 9.0c installed, but under directx features DirectDraw acceleration, Direct3D acceleration, and AGP Texture Acceleration are labeled Not Available. What might be the problem?

I was able to run Age of Empires 2 but there were lines of white dots across the screen. Additionally, there are small lines surrounding the cursor when at the desktop screen and internet browsers run like slideshows when I scroll.


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Sounds like your card has fried. If all of your drivers are up to date and you are running the latest version of DirectX 9.0c then I would say the card needs to be replaced. The OS is not recognizing the adapter for some reason preventing you from running any video-demanding apps. Check that everything is good in the Device Manager and maybe look in the BIOS for any incorrect settings.


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ATI does have driver issues tho. Soo he may be right or who knows... Probably the latter...EXC is right!
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Yeah that sounds reasonable. I've had the card for like 4 years so I guess it's about time for an upgrade anyways.


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First you might want to try removing the card physically and taking a can of compressed air to the card's fan & heatsink. Those 9800's have a tendency to get totally packed up with lint, dust and debris so it may simply be it's hitting overheat temperatures sitting idle as the heatsink is packed-up.

After a complete cleaning with a can of compressed air, re-seat the card and try installing the latest drivers from AMD/ATI for your operating system.
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