Radeon HD 7790 Review: Aiming straight for the $150 segment

By Julio Franco ยท 30 replies
Mar 22, 2013
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  1. dividebyzero

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    You missed the point by the proverbial country mile. Steve was talking about a card (the GTX 460) arriving on the scene that rewrites the performance parameters of the price segment it is aimed at.

    The same observation could and has been said of a number of iconic graphics cards - the 8800GT, HD 4850, and HD 5770 spring to mind.
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  2. Julio Franco

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    Polaco You are taking my words (I wrote the pros/cons) out of context. The conclusion is a few paragraphs long but in a nutshell I pointed to the fact that as a mid-range card it can run most (pro) but not all (con) modern games maxed out.

    This goes back to what we said about pricing and timing, like Steve said, this is a filler card because it's arriving way late in the game and it's separated by a mere $30 up and down the stream.
  3. You can get the 650 Ti for $139 at Newegg. This card needs to be cheaper. You can also get a 7850 for $179.
  4. 7790 is 20-25% faster than 650ti and now nvi claims 650ti boost will compete with 7850 -same cheap foul air from nvi

    hate to know 650ti selling at 7850 price at newegg for so many days...now 650 ti boost may perform somewhat better than 7790 with pricing above 7850...that's nvi for you bs

    "Nvidia GTX 650 Ti Boost to go against HD 7850":At least according to Nvidia-LOL

  5. Footlong

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    With those confusing names and huge segment division between cards it's no wonder the avarage joe thinks it's easier to buy a console. I'm building a budget HTPC for my cousin (8 years old) and his dad also wants to game with him sometimes and watch movies. Guess what this card now make things harder. nVidia and AMD should do a big overhaul in their name system. It's Ti there, boost here over the ultra there. I just want a budget good to play games card.
  6. Polaco

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    Well maybe the amd 7790 should fit if your are on budget.

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