Radeon RX 580 Revisit: Is This the Graphics Card to Buy in 2021?


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I have an RX-580 and it was a good card when I bought it, but it's definitely not something you want to purchase in 2021. Seems that everything is deteriorating. Society is turning into a bunch of lazy people on welfare and weed. Glorifying crime and laziness in their songs. Medicine is growing weaker every year. So much weaker, that instead of finding ways to cure once incurable diseases, they are now offering euthanasia as a solution.

A few years ago human society was at the edge of an abyss. Fortunately, since then we've made a huge step forward.


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I'm lucky enough to still have a GTX1080. Still a capable card, but it's showing its age. There's no way I'd recommend anyone pay anything close to $500 for it.

These words taste foul coming out of my mouth, but the way things are with PC GPUs right now, and if we're talking ballpark $500 for the average Joe rather than the extreme enthusiast, than perhaps console gaming is a better value proposition than old-gen PC gaming hardware? They're easier to come by, relatively speaking, sell at RRP, and are relevant. They'll hold some value and can be sold on when things settle down.

If things actually do get worse - I never thought I'd say this - I'd reluctantly take a sojourn on next gen PC gaming. Its still the king, but any sane value-orientated consumer would have to question where the extra value is at these kind of prices.

I have a 1080ti and I play the games that I know it plays well and that I love to play.
I just upgraded the CPU, RAM & the case, as the prices were 'normal'.
I can now slowly save for a time in the future when prices come back to normal, then I will upgrade from my KiNGPiN


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A 2016 GPU for $350USD in 2021?
Personally I'd rather go without, or use a low end GPU like a GT 710 or integrated graphics.

Well, the RX580 was very good at mining. Thats why the prices are so jacked up.

If anyone has a RX580 / RX480, consider putting the Ubermix 3.1 timings onto the memory. It's basicly free 10% performance.The reason why is that the Polaris chip is memory bandwidth constraint. Also perfect card for usual 60FPS gaming at 1080p or even WQHD with some settings toned down. Add Radeon chill or limit the FPS to what your screen can do and it's a power saving card really.

I have or had one; overclocked from stock 1366Mhz to 1566Mhz; I used watercooling for that and saw peak power consumption in Furmark of over 300W being pulled over 1 8 Pin cable lol. The cooling itself was'nt that spectacular:


Just a 240MM aio strapped onto it using taiwraps. Temps of below 60 degree mark.


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The situation is so bad that an RX580 is still relevant in 2021...
But I have a different question, since we are speaking about second handed products: how long will it lasts ?
I never kept a graphic card more than 3/4 years, and here we are speaking about products running very hot (often above 80° with hot spots above 90°C) for years, paying even $400/500 for them.
If it costs $150 and it dies after 1 year, it probably ins't a big deal. But what about $450 ?

Newer cards are designed to run warm. They have been for quite a while. Comparing it to cpu's then yeah they look to run hotter and not normal but it is. Now if you are talking about mining 24/7 all bets are off...
Agree with several other commenters about how this review shows a nice alternative for this crazy GPU period! I, too, would have liked to have seen how other similar older-period cards would fare compared to this card. (Yes, I could look up older reviews.) I am now sitting with a new build ready to put together and, for the past 2 months or so have been awaiting a change - any change - to allow me to get a newer card (3060, Ti, 3070, Ti, or 6700XT, etc.), to replace my aged (slightly, maybe 2 generations) GTX 1660 Ventus OC. At least I think it is (very) marginally superior to your RX 580, so this review was appreciated. (What I would really appreciate though is a healthy drop from BB, Amazon, B&H, Zotac, AMD Store, etc. to get a newer card!)