RAID with a new motherboard how

By cubbyz
Jan 3, 2010
  1. Hi my power supply and motherboard burnt out motherboard was a gigabyte GA MA770-DS3 AND I'm running RAID0 that has the operating system on it . now i got a MA770-UD3 motherboard i think i configured the bios right. i don't want to lose all of my data no format. Now windows goes to load up and then i get the blue screen what have i done wrong
  2. ManQu

    ManQu TS Rookie

    I would guess with a new mobo you need to reinstall windows,however dont format or delete the old windows and just reinstall over the old this might reinstall drivers etc windows needs to setup/run.
    The raid array is usually specific to the mobo and hard drives so you might be able to rebuild ,but normally you need to start again,so try to reinstall windows first would be my choise.
    I have to say though "Rule One" applies and for others reading this

    Rule one - backup
    Rule two - see Rule one........:)
  3. Tedster

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    you cannot use the old os with a new motherboard. Copy all of your important data somewhere else. reformat, reinstall the os on the new HD and copy your data back.
  4. ManQu

    ManQu TS Rookie

    Dont hurt to try then.....
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