RAM 2x 2GB on motherboard

Hello all

I have a HP Pro 3405 Microtower PC and I recently reinstalled Win 7 Ultimate.
Now I did a very stupid thing, I managed to install a DDR 2 1GB RAM on a DDR3 DIMM slot, don't ask me how but I did. There was also a DDR3 2GB RAM already there.

I quickly took out the DDR 2 and restarted the system, since then I've been getting 5 beep at startup which means "pre-video memory failure". I reseated the RAM, nothing changed. I looked on google on how to fix it but nothing worked.

I ordered another 2GB RAM from Offtek, same specs as the original RAM stick.
When I tried to install it today, it still was giving me the 5 beep code.
I've tried reseating it, resetting the BIOS, taking out the PSU... nothing >.<

Have I fried my motherboard? Or is there a solution I haven't tried yet?

Thanks in advance


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If you have tried all that you speak of, sounds like you really messed up your motherboard. I don't think there's much you can do. Maybe if you know what form factor the motherboard is, you can replace it with one like it. If you don't know more then how to replace the RAM in a computer, I would not recommend going strait to replacing a motherboard.


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Try this (can't hurt to try - and will not do any further damage): Unplug computer from electricity supply (wall socket). Hold power button 3 seconds. Remove RAM sticks completely. Plug electricity supply back in. Power the computer on without sticks. Power computer off. Re-insert the RAM sticks. Power the computer back on. If this works, then congrats. If not you, you may have done more permanent damage.


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Did you try clearing the bios? Take out the cmos battery for a few minute. google complete guides.