RAM upgrade problem..windows not booting

By skp_thillenkery
Mar 13, 2010
  1. One of my friend have a DELL system which have 512MB RAM recently he bought a 1 GB RAM and tried to add it with existing as he says both are of same DDR type but any way it did not accept and then he return back as before that with 512 MB RAM all things were as before he didn't delete or add any file or change any settings but windows not boot up...only the black screen with options of safe mode..safe mode with command prompt..windows start normally..windows with last good configuration..etc but when selecting wny option it return back to the same screen with this options..what may be the problem..he cleaned the RAM slot and press it correctly..he can't even go to safe mode..is there any chance to change any settings in bios automatically while changing the RAM..or what may be the reason...is it need to format..or any other way ??
  2. linktriscuit

    linktriscuit TS Rookie

    It could be compatibility issues. Double check the physical connection and verify that it's seated correctly. Go into the BIOS and verify the amount of memory detected with the amount physically installed. If that's all good, ther shouldn't be any beeps and it should take you to the menu with the options. Select last known config that worked, and if no go, turn off the pc and reset the CMOS or pull out the battery for a minute and reinstallng it to see if that fixed it. Upon restarting, make sure everything in the BIOS is set to how you've had it configured.
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