RAM - will boot with two but not three or four

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Apr 23, 2009
  1. Have a gigabyte mobo originally with four one gig memory sticks. One went bad so RMA'd back to Kingston in a pair and got two new. Put all in, when I looked at the system info the computer only recognized one gig. took out two and the computer booted and showed two gigs. as well, then when ever I try to put more than two sticks in the computer it will not complete the boot, lights come on, fans run but nothing more. There are led lights on the board to indicate problems and both the cpu and pci lights go on and off, however the led for the memory never lights up and I thought sure thats where the problem was. I have reset cmos and switched bays for the memory but nothing changes. Two sticks work, three or four do not.

    Windows xp sp3
  2. tkr3alm3r

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    can you post ur system specs
    ie motherboard version
    ram spec

    which configuration/slots do you have the ram sitting

    also test the ram u purchased, there is always the case u have received faulty sticks
  3. arbutus

    arbutus TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Gigabyte E45P-DS4P, Kingston HyperX 1066 DDR2, Intel E8600 333Mhz duo core, GTX280 graphics card.

    The sticks are arranged either 1 &3 or 2&4, either one works its just that you can't have more than two istalled. Even one more stick causes the computer to nor boot.
  4. tkr3alm3r

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    as per Gigabytes website memory compatibilty list
    the E45P-DS4P will support Kingston HyperX 1066 DDR2 in dual channel mode (at revision 1.0)
    if all sticks work in pairs, there should be an option in bios to enable ram to run at a lower voltage setting
    see if that is the issue
    depending on the motherboard bios version it may require a flash and update of the bios to the latest f7 or f8

    btw are all sticks of the same branding and speed (did they give u back the same type on RMA)
  5. arbutus

    arbutus TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The default voltage is 1.8 but the memory calls for 2.2 which is what I had it set for. All the memory is the same.
  6. tkr3alm3r

    tkr3alm3r TS Rookie Posts: 29

    don't suppose there is another test machine you can try the ram in
    by process of elimination, still the possibility the ram is faulty..?
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