Realtek HD Audio Manager

By Abso1ut
May 12, 2009
  1. So I have Realtek HD Audio Manager, and when i built it with my computer tech, at his house, the sound worked through his speakers. When I brought my computer home, I hooked it up to my sound system (My previous computer was hooked up in the same way, sans Realtek). I have no sound. The problem doesn't seem to be with realtek, but with my sound system that I have it hooked up with. When I look at the settings, sound is being played, but just not relaying through my speakers, which are connect to the sound system.

    What I'm looking for is plain and simple. I do not want to buy separate speakers for my computer, so I want it to work on what I have.

    When I say sound system, I am talking about a glorified cd player, with all the amenities and big speakers attached to the main hub (which is where my computer is plugged into).

    I'm just trying to figure out if maybe there is something in realtek that I just haven't turned on yet.
  2. Abso1ut

    Abso1ut TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Quick update. So I click the "test audio" button and I can hear the sound coming through my speakers. So now it comes down to, why isn't any sound, from programs outside of realtek, being heard?
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