Recommendations on a Web radio player?

By Zen
Apr 25, 2011
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  1. Greetings folks, I would like to get some good recommendations on web radio players. Note, only recommendations that would work with Ubuntu 10.10 (Desktop Version) (32bit) will apply. Recently I made the "cross over" from Windows XP to Ubuntu and when doing so I kind of shot myself in the foot as far as web radio play.

    With XP for 4 solid years I ran with something called (Radiosure) and sometimes WinAmp's shoutcast radio, none of these work with Ubuntu. I have gone to Ubuntu's software center and downloaded a couple players like (Radio Tray), all are junk! (Radio Tray) will let you input a station by hand, but when you want to play it, it just sits there doing nothing, like it has a bug or something.

    I just need a simple, but yet well proven web radio player that would work with either an Ubuntu O.S. or maybe just something that would work with all Linux flavors as a whole. My living rooms home theater system has been mighty quiet, it needs to get pumped with some web radio again!

    Thanks for your time here and any input I may get! :)

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