Redbox to compete with Netflix in video streaming

Matthew DeCarlo

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Tired of life on the streets, Redbox pledges to expand its curbside rental service and compete with Netflix in the increasingly crowded video streaming business, according to Bloomberg. In an interview, Redbox president Mitch Lowe suggested a Web service would allow the company to build out its existing library of 200 or so titles, which are currently stuffed inside 24,000 automated DVD kiosks outside retailers across the US.

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Well, I love my Netflix! So it'll be interesting to see what any competition has to offer - as well as how Netflix responds


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Over the weekend I did try out this Redbox on one DVD movie. Using the box was really easy to do. Select the movie you want then slide in your Vista/MC card in, type in your email address for your receipt on this transaction. Then once approved your RedBox DVD movie pops out. Now bad it was around 6pm and I had until 9pm next day to return the movie. I don't use Netflix to stream. Never bother with them. I do stream from the internet WAN to the LAN on short media and Video Pod stuff in 1080p. Seems to work fine. I think Redbox should stick with the red boxes it has outside retails stores or inside supermarkets chains instead.


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I think Netflix and Redbox should combine forces... Just imagine, you pay your normal Netflix/Redbox subscription fee, and you have access to streaming content. You can still get movies by mail, if you choose. Or you can go grab a movie at one of the local Redbox locations. Instead of mailing it back (which, of course, would still be an option), you can just return it at another Redbox. Combining forces would put them head and shoulders above everything else out there right now, and think of the massive potential in saved postage for Netflix.

I know, different business models, and they'd rather compete - which just benefits the consumer with price wars and redoubled efforts to give value-added services. But still, a guy can dream.


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I think netflix should start a cable company :D and just make it the standard.

If you buy Netflix Cable you could watch tv on your iphone, ipad, ps3, psp, wii, etc. for free Xbox 360 you have to pay for gold.... What you missed your favorite show Netflix recorded it for you. What your movie just stopped playing in the movie theater ha Netflix already has it. What you want it in 3D well hit the 3D button and presto.

Sick of your favorite Series having 4 part episodes that never play in order well ha now introducing Netflix Playlists with the option of cutting the opening theme so it flows right in.

The only thing Netflix needs to really fix is the watch instantly selection, put better movies up there please :D


I would love for them to hire me to sort out the encoding issues they will have and have to make decisions on.
Do it right...Hire a team Doom9 nuts to make the streaming versions of each movie the absolute best picture/audio quality per given size, and offer many different formats and sizes!