Reinstalling audio driver

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Apr 8, 2008
  1. I uninstalled one of my sound drivers. It was called soundmax hd audio. Now am trying to reinstall it but the wizard says it does not find the required software. I do not have a cd or anything since i wasn't the one who installed it. Any help?
  2. Matthew

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    What is the brand and model number of your PC or motherboard?
  3. ruben200

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    ok am using an asus p5k-e
  4. Matthew

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  5. kimsland

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    Direct Link

    Specifically, here is your sound driver:

    Vista 32 or 64Bit

    WinXp 64Bit

    WinXp 32Bit <-- Probably yours

    Zenosincks if you click on your provided link, you will see why I'm posting this.

    Actually you might not see why, due to your system cache
    @Zenosincks please run CCleaner
    Then click on your provided link

    Actually everyone should run CCleaner
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