Remapped keyboard, can no longer log on

By Skybird123123
Apr 2, 2008
  1. Ok, so heres what I did:
    I remapped my keyboard (because i wanted to learn how) using KeyTweak
    q= 1
    a = eject
    w= capslock
    e = x

    so now I can't logon because i need the a and e, which no longer exist on my keyboard... I am running Windows XP

    i have tried:
    using an external keyboard
    logging onto the guest account (which will not work for some reason)
    logging onto the admin. but i have changed the basic password and forgot it
    restoring to the last known good configuration

    any ideas?

    I got it figured out... all I had to do was hit the windows key + u at the log in screen which brought up an on-screen keyboard.
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