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Remote desktop problem on WIndows XP

By RichardChemist
Mar 31, 2009
  1. Hi

    I'm new to this forum. Although I am basically computer literate, I am by no means an expert, so please be patient.

    I want to use my (desktop running XP media centre) as an audio distribution system, and my laptop (running XP home SP3) as a remote control.

    I have set up remote desktop, so that I can use the laptop to access the desktop PC, and select streaming audio off the web or mp3 files stored on the machine. The mp3 files by default play in Windows media player.

    So far so good.

    When I relinquish control from the laptop, I get the expected message saying that control will be returned to the desktop, but that programs will continue to run.

    This is fine for streaming content, but mp3 files in WMP stop dead in their tracks. WMP remains open on my desktop, with the track selected - it's just the music that stops.

    I would be grateful for any ideas.
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