Repair motherboard CPU socket - Whats the repair cost for Sandy Bridge?

Hello, what is the repair cost
for repairing a CPU socket on a Sandy Bridge motherboard?
Sadly i didnt know my motherboard had a damaged CPU socket until the reseller told me and therefore they also refused a refund wich also was the reason i sent it back to them in the first place, same day as i recieved it, when i later on read on hardware forums that intel recalled all Sandy Bridge motherboards.

Sadly these kinds of damages is not covered by the warranty, and I have also been told that
i wont get a refund, and its my word against their and really I dont see how I could have damaged the CPU socket when i didnt even had ordered a CPU yet.

But, not much to do against a big company and therefore i would like to know what the cost is to repair a CPU socket on a motherboard. I have read on some other forums like xtremesystems that moderators there telling that its about a 25 $ cost on repairing or replacing the motherboard CPU socket, and I would like anyone here to confirm this for me, or what other kind of prices there is for repairs that is not covered by the warranty, and sadly my reseller didnt accept the motherboard and told me i damaged it, which i didnt but i cant proof that they are lying so.

Is it true that there is about a 25 $ cost for repairing or replacing a CPU socket on a motherboard, and if not what is the cost?