Report: 2020 all-OLED iPhone lineup includes 5.4-inch model


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Last year’s iPhones consisted of two OLED models—the XS and XS Max—and the cheaper iPhone XR, which sports an LCD panel. It’s expected to release the same combination this fall, but Digitimes writes that Apple will shake things up next year by releasing an all-OLED lineup.

In addition to dropping the LCD model, the report claims there will also be some drastic size changes. Currently, we have the 6.1-inch iPhone XR, a 5.8-inch iPhone XS, and a 6.46-inch iPhone XS Max. But next year will reportedly see 5.42-inch, 6.06-inch and 6.67-inch iPhones.

A 6.67-inch iPhone would be the largest ever to come from the firm, though smaller bezels should ensure its footprint isn’t much larger than the iPhone XS Max. The 6.06-inch model, meanwhile, is almost the same size as the iPhone XR.

What’s most interesting is the 5.42-inch iPhone, which Digitimes says may use Samsung’s or LG’s touch technology. This should reduce display costs, suggesting the smaller iPhone will be the new budget model.

The last mini handset from Apple was the 4-inch iPhone SE, which was so well-received by consumers that it topped the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index in 2017. There were rumors of a successor last year, but nothing came of it.

The claims should be taken with a pinch of salt—a report from last year said all three of 2019’s iPhones would use OLEDs, but that appears untrue, with the upcoming models set to feature only small design changes and upgrades.

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So a 5.4 inch phone is good news for those of us that loved the 4" phone?

This sounds like Ford saying ranger fans will LOVE the F-150!
It's important to note that the bezels plus the fingerprint sensor on the original SE took up a ton of space. The XZ2 Compact has a 5in screen with some relatively thick bezels and still manages about the same footprint as the SE. I'd imagine an SE with the bezels of the current XS could be right around 5.4".
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I see no reason - whatsoever - thus far - to upgrade from my XS Max 512GB.

I have a perfect 4K video Recorder...I have plenty of storage and the phone does everything it needs to do.

I'll be in Thailand April 20th making some travelogue videos for my Youtube.

Peter Farkas

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Yes bring back those smaller form factors Apple!
The current size options are so big that we can use our XS and XR models to shovel snow with during the winter...
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