Report claims Amazon will reveal its own cloud gaming platform in 2020


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No console or high-end PC necessary -- as long as you have a decent internet connection, you can enjoy the benefits (and inevitable drawbacks) of cloud gaming from the comfort of your low-end laptop, smart TV, phone, or tablet.

Google is perhaps the most prominent company to develop a full game streaming service of its own (dubbed Stadia), but Valve and Amazon are both rumored to be working on competing platforms. The latter's possible game streaming ambitions have just been further demonstrated today, courtesy of a new report from Cnet.

The outlet claims that not only is Amazon working on a Stadia-like platform, but said platform will be announced in full next year. The retail giant is reportedly snagging talent from the likes of Microsoft to bolster its development team -- a wise move, given Microsoft's progress in this market with its xCloud project.

Unfortunately, other details about Amazon's service are scarce. We're unsure how it will be monetized (if at all), we don't know what games it will support, and it's tough to say how successful it will be; especially given the headstart Stadia now has.

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Unfortunately Amazon simply isn't trustworthy enough for this one. I'm afraid that I would predict they will almost immediately raise prices even if it is mildly successful and, as usual, put the screws to their customers as soon as possible, not to mention selling all their data they can get their hands on.


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Its amazing how businesses will spend billions on selling a product that's doomed to fail because the infrastructure needed to support it doesn't exist yet. No, they'll just do what they always do - lie, lie and lie some more, and then when their inevitably sued for failing to deliver on their promises they'll write off the measly payout as a cost of doing business. Game streaming, "5g", dangerous drugs, electric cars..on and on it goes.


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Which will be unavailable in my country and unavailable with my current connection. I'll have lots of news to skip in the future.