Retarded Ventrilo Lag

By Disturbed88
Mar 12, 2009
  1. about a month ago i got a new pc since my old one bit the dust, i use ventrilo alot cuz i play WoW.since i got my new pc i get alot of random lag spikes, normally my ping sits at 250 (server is in US, im in australia) and for no reason it will randomly shoot up to 3k+ ping i have even had my ping sit on 19000 for 30seconds or so. i closed down msn and xfire and have nothing downloading but my ping still continues to be very eratic.currently my internet is running at 8kb/s cuz i used all my bandwidth for the month (my ISP is Telstra) but i have never had problems like this before until i got my new pc.i spent a few hours googling this problem and found a site that said to open some ports for vent but it didnt do anything at all, while another site said to reinstall vent which also did nothing. if anyone can help i would be eternally grateful as i use vent everyday and right now its basically unusable.

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