Smooth FPS and then same LAG SPIKES on the most basic games

So, I recently got new laptop, which was already used, specs are:
Intel i7-470MQ Quad Core
Memory 8GB DDR3
Nvidia GT 750M 4GB GDDR3

My graphics card are UPDATED, and my pc is cleaned, and does not have any dust in it.
I ran malware check, its not that, I lowered game settings and its not that either.

I tried changing stuff in the registry editor and nothing, its kind of strange, because even the most basic game lags the same way, I randomly get lag spikes, I could not identify what is it.

I updated every single thing and nothing changed.

Run the "Game mode" my app in the background are not consuming much of memory, I just get Random Lag spikes.

Please can anyone help?


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I think you could follow this YouTube guide on how to get MSi Afterburner working so that you can see framerate - frame time - GPU utilization and CPU utilization on each core in real-time while you play. This might give you a clue as to what is going on. There seems to be a bottleneck somewhere.



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This all rather depends on what games are being played. The GT 470M is 9 year old GPU, with roughly half the performance of a desktop GeForce GT 1030. For its time, it was a midrange laptop GPU, now it’s very basic in comparison to even integrated GPUs:

So modern games are going to struggle with this GPU. Titles from 2013 or ones from today that are like that, in terms of graphics, should be okay, though.