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Revenue gap between iOS and Android apps is still growing

By Jos ยท 7 replies
Apr 15, 2015
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  1. Traditionally, iOS apps have drawn more revenue than Android apps, but with Android’s sizable lead in global market share you’d think the gap was getting narrower. According to the latest data obtained by App Annie, it’s quite the opposite. In the first quarter of 2015, global revenue for the iOS app store was 70% higher than revenue from Google Play, up from 60% in Q3 2014.

    The gain is attributed in large part to strong iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales in China, where demand for larger screens is particularly high. In fact, Apple devices accounted for 25% of all the smartphones sold in urban China during Q1 2015. Shipments of smartphones with screen sizes between 5 and 7 inches constituted roughly 60 percent of total smartphone shipments in the country.

    App Annie notes that China surpassed the U.S. in quarterly iOS downloads in the first quarter of 2015 for the first time since it has been measuring per country downloads. This climb to the top was primarily driven by games and photo/video apps. Popular apps during the quarter include an app called Pitu which offers “beauty, make-up and cosplay filters”, as well as apps like IN and Fotoplace.

    Despite coming out on top in terms of downloads, when it comes to overall iOS App Store revenue, China took the third spot after the U.S. and Japan.

    Meanwhile, although it lost revenue to iOS, Google Play still registered a 70% uptick in downloads between the third quarter 2014 and first quarter 2015 thanks to its growing market penetration in Brazil, Mexico and Turkey.

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  2. Rippleman

    Rippleman TS Evangelist Posts: 871   +393

    I have all three ecosystems and love all 3 since they each have their own individual strengths and weakness. I have bought apps on both IOS and Android, (but probably 3X as many on IOS) but sadly have not bought any apps on Windows whatsoever.
  3. Thats because some apps on Android are free, and same app on iTunes is not.....
    oranuro likes this.
  4. MilwaukeeMike

    MilwaukeeMike TS Evangelist Posts: 3,154   +1,411

    And don't you have to buy the app twice if you want it on you iphone and ipad? I hope that was just a rumor...

    What'd I'd like to know is what % of apps are free, and what's the average cost per app that isn't free. Just saying one system makes more money isn't all that informative about the differences between the two systems.
  5. If the gap widens too much, android apps will become the new Betamax.
  6. amstech

    amstech IT Overlord Posts: 2,176   +1,356

    Apple is probably the most (if not one of the most) popular company's in the world right now, they make the 'cool' thing to have and nothing sells more then something that makes you fit in.
    That being said I like Apple and know they make a good product; but I still like the freedom/mod/root ability of my S4 and its specs for the money.
    I got a 1.9GHz Snapdragon 600, Adreno 320, 2GB RAM and a 1080p screen (brand new leftover Blackmist S4 with 2 year) for $45.
  7. First, citation needed.
    Second, free Android apps still bring in revenue in the form of ads. Few free Android apps are really free (no upfront payment and no ads), and most that are come from Google themselves.
    No. Only some games make a different version with higher-resolution assets for the iPad, but the regular version is usually still compatible with both phones and tablets (only it will upscale on an iPad).
    SNGX1275 likes this.
  8. ProjectAlice

    ProjectAlice TS Rookie

    Regardless of who is getting more revenue, I'm an Android fanatic. lol. Easier to use imo, plus better games that aren't on iOS like Freeze and Honeyday Blitz 2

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