Reversing Apollo NZXT Case

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Jun 29, 2008
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    So my idea was originally because I will be purchasing two of these... each will be on of my monitors and used for a shelf mount. But one thing that is bothering me is that I cannot see/open one of the cases conveniently without removing the shelf. So my Idea is to reverse one of the cases.

    Benefits of reversing a case... Well clearly it would be better ventilation if done correctly. Because of where the CPU is located and basically rotates the video card facing upward... Why the ATX standard is not reverse is beyond me... There probably is a reason. Yes all motherboard cables of my power supply are long enough.

    Now the questions I will be asking is what is the most efficient way of going about this... What parts should I reverse, and should I leave some not reversed? I want to keep the power supply at the top of the case. I also would like to know what tools should I use? I have some experience with metal work but it's always good to get second opinions.

    Will it be difficult to take apart the internal frame? ( darn rivets )

    Will I need to remove the drive bays? ( god I hope not ;X i know HD bay will need to be reversed most likely )

    Should I remove the power supply upper mount panel? Or leave it?

    I will be reversing motherboard mount which I believe should be simple enough. By making a cut just under where the power supply mount is... Also reversing the exterior rear port frame, also just under the power supply frame.

    Quickly Made Diagram...


    Reversed Back

    Similar to completion?
  2. captaincranky

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    I have a bad feeling about this. Sort of like you're going to have one good case, and a pile of unusable spare parts.

    The rivets would have to be drilled out, and you would need a "pop" riveter, a bit of skill, and a fair amout of luck to reassemble the case without damaging it. My idea of reversing a case is to have to door hinges swing the other way, good luck with that.

    This Coolermaster MATX mini tower rotates the motherboard the way you suggested. (Upside down). I have one of these and it seems to be OK but, at the moment, I'm using onboard graphics, so I can't report about cooling with a video card installed
  3. mewi

    mewi TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 70

    The main reason why I planning on reversing this case is so that it would match the other normal ATX apollo case... I do not want two entirely different cases ;p

    The right and left side panels do not have hinges so those should be easily reversible with little conflict.

    The front door panel, as well as the drive bays will not be moved or will not be reversed. I do not care to be that stingy about that lol. I have done some measurements to make sure everything will fit correctly, according to a case that has similar specs just a different shell... So according to this, my idea will work.

    But yes, accidentally damaging the case is a worry but I have a feeling that since I know someone with a lot of experience with metal work that the chances of damage will be low =3

    Another idea would be contacting NZXT and see if they would give me an unriveted frame.
  4. captaincranky

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    Actually, I wasn't suggesting that you purchase the Coolermaster, I simply linked it so you could check out the pictures.

    Here we're assuming that the top and bottom flanges of the panels are the same.

    I think it's a pity that cases aren't offered with door hinges that can be switched to the opoposite side of the case. This for use on either side of the desk, so the door isn't swinging into your face.

    Well, I still have a bad feeling about this, but my opinion doesn't really count.
  5. mewi

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    Of course your opinion counts, have more confidence lol.

    Anyway, the Reverse PC will be on my right side so... The swinging door swings the way I want it too either way... and the left PC I wont really be putting many things in the CD/DVD drive.

    Anyway lets think of every precaution that I should take into consideration when taking apart this case ;o

    Where to start after dissembling it /hmm
  6. captaincranky

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    Do you have at least one of these cases in your hands yet?

    You do know that the motherboard side is double walled (.) or (?)

    Anyway if you were drilling out rivets on that side, when the drill punched through it would ding the side of the case. So I guess drill stops are in order.

    The lock hasp slot would have to be cut in the opposite side.

    I have totally different cases that these, but none of them is in any way shape or form reversible.

    Still with the bad feeling.
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